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"After 10 years as business owners, mothers and Australians - we have learnt so much about what sustainability means and we take responsibility for our impact in the fashion space, not only for the planet, but for our wider team and community.

Since 2018 we have been on a professional and personal journey to learn more about our production, materials, manufacturing and the people that bring Zulu and Zephyr to life.

We understand that as a consumer, it’s no longer just about the end product, but instead the life cycle of a design and how it is brought to life. Knowing and having faith in the entire process, where and what the product is made from and how it was made, becomes just as important and sacred to us and our community.

As a conscious brand, ZZ has adopted an all- around approach to this commitment.

Read on to see Zulu & Zephyr’s commitments moving forward, as well how our Spring 24 collection stacks up for each category."

- Founders Candice and Karla Rose

We are committed to transparency into our sustainability journey and roadmap. You can read our current Spring 2024 collection report here.