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Zulu & Zephyr is a lifestyle brand cultivating cool, beautiful and effortless swimwear and ready to wear designs for modern women around the world. 

Born in Bondi Beach, Australia, in the Summer of 2012 and raised in Byron Bay, Zulu & Zephyr is a coastal woman at heart. Sisters Candice & Karla Rose agree that it is their understanding of the Australian beach culture that has contributed to the success of the brand with over 100 retail partnerships across the globe. 

Zulu & Zephyr offers an all-encompassing wardrobe – from denim, luxury knitwear, signature swim and sophisticated holiday resort wear for modern women around the world. 

We want to recognise the traditional culture, people, language and history where “Zulu” is derived from. Our team, partners and community acknowledge the culture and history of the Bantu and Zulu Nguni ethnic group of South Africa. We also pay respect and acknowledgment to Zulu kaMalandela, son of Malandela, was the founder and chief of the Zulu clan which came from the Nguni people. Although our brand has no direct relationship or derivation to the members of this community, the Zulu & Zephyr team moving forward will now ensure that we have an action plan in place to responsibly and effectively acknowledge and support the Bantu and Zulu Nguni ethnic group of South Africa. We are on a journey to educate both ourselves and our community on how we can actively implement this acknowledgement moving forward.