POSTCARD | FALL 2019 by Zulu & Zephyr

Towelling Collection

Postcard is a romantic collection that takes you deep into the tropics.
A tropical escape and the nostalgia of vacations past.

Barefoot days, strolling empty coastlines and exploring lush jungles in
pieces true to Zulu & Zephyr’s timeless and distinctive aesthetic.

With elegance and simplicity, Postcard focuses on clean lines and
uncomplicated shapes — pieces you just pull on, pull over, wrap or tie
— a collection of natural, unaffected charm.

From the depths of forest green, soft husk and shy pops of lilac between
exclusive print and stripe, the colour palette explores shades of dark and
light. Prints are natural and subtle, staying true to the brand’s timeless

Photographed by Mason Rose.
Arriving to stores February through to May.

POSTCARD | FALL 2019 by Zulu & Zephyr

towelling collection

A nostalgic curation by Zulu & Zephyr

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