CONTOUR | Resort 2020 by Zulu & Zephyr

Towelling Collection

Zulu & Zephyr's Resort 20 is a soulful collection drawing inspiration from the shapes, lines, curves and surfaces of architecture and the natural world.

Eternally influenced by a woman's curves, the collection is abundant with effortlessness, combining comfort and femininity — equal parts carefree and cool.

Creating definition through clever seamlines, drop waists and a modern yet timeless take on a short suit - an air of cool set to become warm-weather classics. A play with lightweight layers, minimal slips evoke 90's appeal that can be dressed up or down.

Staying true to the Zulu & Zephyr ethos of design that lasts, the collection touches on trends in a way that can be translated for seasons to come. The Zulu & Zephyr girl is the embodiment of irresistible carefree spirit - revelling in all that is around her and appreciating the simple things.

Contour, a Resort collection of femininity and sculptural elements, arriving to store November 2019 through until January 2020.

Photographed by Jennifer Stenglein.

CONTOUR | Resort 2020 by Zulu & Zephyr

towelling collection

A nostalgic curation by Zulu & Zephyr

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