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With a philosophy of Farm to Face, our Summer oil is low impact on the environment. 

Discover BTS from our local Campaign Shoot to launch our exclusive collaboration, Zulu & Zephyr x foile Summer Body Oil.
We chat to Co-Director, Candice on the special collaboration. 

Photographer: Isabel Sasse 

HMU: Cedar Purchase 

Model: Ernie @ Precision MGMT


Why did foile feel like a natural fit to create the Summer Oil?

We have followed foile since the super cool concept store launch in Bondi. When we began following the brand and got to know the team, we fell in love with the products, packaging and the passionate people behind foile. 

What scent reminds you the most of summer?

This Summer oil! We love that the notes are a little unexpected. Black pepper, jasmine and ginger. Cool, beautiful scents of Summer. 

Where would we find you on a warm Sunday afternoon?

Of course - the beach. Or at the very least, relaxing at home in the garden after a big salty day at the beach and winding down from the weekend with music. 

How do you look after your skin for the season?

Zulu & Zephyr Signature Swim and ZZ Mini for our children, both UPF50+, our canvas caps in tallow green and sea blue. Our new Summer pareos draped over our shoulders and We Are Feel Good sun cream. 

What is your most treasured memory of summer?
Vintage swimsuits in bright prints and the feeling of diving under the water.  


Discover our Zulu & Zephyr x foile Summer Body Oil here.