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Where do you find inspiration for new AYU scents?

Everywhere! Life, nature, food, people, places, travel, memories. Madeleine and I always bounce ideas off each other and we’re always sampling and blending new concoctions until we get it right.


What are the benefits of AYU to the body/mind?

Ayu stems from the world’s oldest healing systems - Ayurveda, which is based on the belief that wellness stems from a balanced mind, body and spirit. It’s about promoting good health, rather than waiting to fight disease. We take this approach when blending our scents and always choose scents that are known for grounding and centering the wearer. We want people to not only smell good when wearing or scents but feel good also! All of our scents are blended in nourishing natural oils like jojoba and wheatgerm that act as fixatives so help to retain the scent for a longer period of time (we don’t use drying alcohol). We choose beautifully nourishing Ayurvedic herbs of Ashwagandha and Amla, known for their general wellness benefits to add to each of our blends as well.



Why do you think ZZ and AYU are a great mix?

Sunshine, salty skin, ZZ and Ayu are the perfect combination to take you through summer - you’re hitting all the senses right there!!

What is your morning ritual?
Meditating followed by a spicy chai.


We love them all. Do you have a personal favourite?

I’d have to say Smoking Rose, our latest scent which is a combination of Kannauj Rose, Patchouli and Balsam of Peru. It’s an intense floral but with a really smoky, grounding quality and it just takes me back to India.

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