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5:00am: I wake up dawn, just before the sun rises. I start my mornings with a stretch and long walk outdoors. Whether it's the lighthouse walk or a beach walk, I don't feel myself without this moving meditation daily. It runs in the family! 



6:30am: By naturally rising so early I am able to take my mornings slow and ease into the day. I live across the road from the beach, so after watching the sun poke his head I duck home for breakfast and to check my emails. 
Karla, director of ZZ, and myself are always in touch. We text at all hours throwing around ideas and getting inspired. At times we wake up on the same wavelength - and the design chat can start very early. 



7:30am: I'm my most focused and productive in the mornings. Quite often you'll find me at the office early, getting stuck into tasks. Particularly when I wake inspired and have a creative outburst - I play music and get deep into the design zone. 
9:30am: Our ZZ team are truly a dream. We all get along incredibly well, so now and again will head out for a quick coffee break at McTavish. Following this i'll be back on my emails and making a plan for the day. 


10:30am: Jill, our Garment Technician, and I liaise daily on all things design & production - from answering queries from suppliers to fitting sessions, we hold the design fort down. Today, we are checking shipment samples from our Fall 19 collection, Postcard. Jill has exceptional attention to detail, so we pick up on any QC issues at this stage and get excited for what's about to drop. 



 1:00pm: I make sure I take some time out for myself each lunch break. I will head to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean and a breath of fresh air - no better way to recharge. Other days i'll lounge in our beautiful HQ space. 


Seraina wears the Trail Shirt - coming soon.
 2:30pm: I meet with Karla for a design meeting. Designing together comes to us naturally, we bounce ideas off each other in our own language. 
We are in the midst of designing Fall 20 - we're constantly getting excited over new concepts and all of our ideas flowing. Usually we start with sketches, pull together any colours and fabrications we are feeling and go from there. We design a collection over a few months, in order to create thoughtful collections that are quintessentially ZZ. 
Seraina wears the Canopy Playsuit - coming soon.
4:30pm: Switching off after work comes easy when you live where I do. Most afternoons I will go for a surf at The Pass, a walk or simply catch up with my beautiful friends. My partner and I will wander across the road to the beach for sunset, catch up and have a cheeky tipple to end the day. 
8:30pm: I'm a creature of habit and routine, it keeps me grounded and happy. I have many little rituals I don't feel myself without. Every night I will switch off and take a moment to stretch and unwind. I'll then go to bed around 9PM - dreaming of tomorrow's sunrise.
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