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Monday 5:30am:
I typically start my mornings with a quick work out at my local F45, in Coolangatta. This is conveniently a 5 minute walk from home and helps me feel energised for the day ahead. 

Monday 9:00am: Soon after arriving to HQ, Mel and I head to McTavish, our local coffee shop. We use this time to catch up and debrief on the week just passed, and set goals for the week ahead. From there I am back on emails; actioning daily tasks as well as anything Mel and I just discussed. This includes our ‘This Week at ZZ’ emails, which covers any company updates, weekly goals and projects in the works. 
Monday 11:30am: I take Monday’s as a follow up day on priorities, company schedules & timelines. It’s a busy day for ZZ so naturally I assist where needed, predominately with US sales, collection preparation and production management — liaising with our factories on shipments and lead times. 
Tuesday 9:00am: As Mel manages our USA sales, a large part of my role is communicating with our international clients. This means working with different time zones - their Monday is my Tuesday so I have a large influx of replies, keeping me busy throughout the day. 

Tuesday 11:00am: Between emails, I pop into our warehouse and coordinate with Keely on sample availability. Our international stockists which include ASOS, Revolve and Free People require these samples to shoot for their online platforms. While I’m here, I also pull gifting samples for our US media. 

Tuesday 1:00pm: ZZ is currently in the middle of planning something exciting for our USA market. Right now I am assisting the initial stages of what’s to come - including research and sourcing. This is something my energy will be focusing on for next couple of months. Stay tuned… 

Wednesday 8:30am: Although we’ve just wrapped Fall 19 sales, there is never really a quiet moment for me in the office. I am strongly focused and glued to my desk entering sales orders, managing product data entry and collection barcodes.

Thursday 8:30am: Not only do I assist Mel, I also assist our directors, Candice & Karla. This allows me to be hands on with all things campaign and lookbook - assisting with locations, managing samples, arranging travel, coordinating with agencies and more.

Thursday 12:30pm: In the middle of campaign month for ZZ Mini & Summer 18 (launching soon), we are also launching an exciting collaboration with Lack of Color - something that’s been in the works for months. I was on the road location scouting the coast’s finest beaches for the LOC x ZZ campaign - another shoot I assisted on bright and early in the AM. 

Thursday 3:30pm: Along with the LOC x ZZ collaboration launch, comes a launch party. Something I have been managing alongside our team and the Lack of Color team. Everything from the guest list, travel arrangements, gift bags, catering and more. I’ve spent this afternoon prepping ahead of time for the event coming up.

Friday 8:00am: You’ll find me on my feet in the warehouse on Friday’s. I coordinate with Amanda, our Warehouse Manager and Laura, our Warehouse all-rounder on any priority tasks needing to be completed before the weekend. This can include packing online/wholesale orders, assisting with inventory and preparing for upcoming collection launches. 

Friday 4:00pm: Next stop, beach.

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