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PROFILED | Amanda Gustowski | Zulu & Zephyr Warehouse Manager
Monday 7:00am: I am podcast obsessed – each day I hit the road running on my way to work listening to something inspiring. This paired with the beautiful scenic drive of the NSW country side prepares me for a busy day in the warehouse. I’m currently tuning into #Girlboss radio or GOOP.

Monday 8:00am:
As soon as I get into the office I check my emails and start organizing a game plan for the week ahead. Once I’m feeling prepped, my next priority is to check and report on our fortnightly online sales. This is always an important step in understanding what is in demand and what our customer is loving.
Monday 10:00am: I manage such a hardworking and enthusiastic team of girls in the warehouse, so making sure everyone is on track for whatever the week might throw at us is super important.

Tuesday 10:00am:
No day in our warehouse is ever the same. Some days I might be packing orders with our team, or glued to emails, or even receiving 50 cartons of inventory. Either way, it’s always fast paced – and although I thrive off a busy environment, I find it incredibly important to visually see what will be happening that week. This helps ensure my team is on the same page.
Wednesday 8:30am: Because our warehouse has so many moving parts, there’s always a mess to be made. Luckily we’re all clean freaks and enjoy a mid week spruce. We get this done before the day has even begun, as we know we work so much better once everything has been cleared and we can see everything clearly.

Wednesday 11:00am:
Once our warehouse clean is wrapped, I head back to the whiteboard to assess all incoming deliveries and allocate suitable space for it to be stored.
Wednesday 12:30pm: Lunchtime is my time – I’m always on the go in the warehouse so finding time to squeeze in a quick yoga class is vital. This keeps me balanced throughout the week (pun intended).

Wednesday 2:00pm:
Once all orders have been picked, packed and dispatched, I will take time to sit down with our warehouse team and discuss any queries they may have. Both Emily, in charge of Customer Service, and Laura, our Warehouse All Rounder, are always thinking of innovative ways we can improve our operating procedures, so we make time to run through these ideas as well.
Thursday 9:30am: Team meeting – this is an open space to bounce thoughts and ideas around. We will run through anything from the updates on the development of our new eco packaging, through to the unveiling of our Fall 19 collection.
This is a great opportunity to try on all of the new and innovative shapes – which I personally think is important for ensuring we have great fits for all different body shapes.

Thursday 10:30am:
After our team meeting – Seraina, Mel, Keely, Candice and myself will sit down to discuss our collaboration with Lack of Color – something I am personally very excited about! We each get to design a hat that best represents our Summer time aesthetic; I know I’ll be living in mine… watch this space.
Friday 10:30am: We have just launched our August drop from our Spring 18 – Ray collection, and the first stage is always the busiest time for me. No matter how prepared we are, there are always final touches that need to be managed last minute to ensure each launch runs smoothly.
The majority of my day will be taken up by liaising with our warehouse team on preparing our wholesale orders. We are stocked in 120 Australian and International boutiques, so this is a very tedious and hands on task.

Friday 5:00pm:
After a long week of new product launches, meetings and emails, there’s nothing better than finishing off with a team dinner and drinks. Each and every one of us is always running around busy during the week, so finding time to wind down and talk about things outside of work is something I love about Zulu & Zephyr – we’re a real family.
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