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How long has the Zulu & Zephyr design team been developing the 


This has been in the works for one year - we approached a number of fabric mills to help us develop our Signature ribbed lycra in sustainable fibres. We were so pleased that Carvico, an Italian fabric mill synonymous with producing high-end fabrications, worked exclusively with us in the development process. We are so thrilled to introduce our most loved Signature range in ECONYL® regenerated nylon - a fresh new palette and a premium, sustainable fabrication. 

Where does the new ECONYL® Signature rib come from and how is it made?

ECONYL® is made through the revolutionary process of recovering fishing nets and other nylon waste from oceans and landfills that then gets regenerated into its original, pure nylon form ready to be spun into fibre. The new ECONYL® Signature rib has been developed exclusively for Zulu & Zephyr in Italy, with market leader Carvico. It has the same appearance, only better performance and is made from regenerated nylon - better for Planet Earth. 

What is the benefit of incorporating this new environmentally friendly rib?

Using a reclaimed material reduces waste and pollution in the environment - plastic pollution in our oceans has a huge impact on marine life but not only is it a solution to a waste problem it also cuts down the need for raw materials and crude oil used in the production of virgin nylon - hence it is a more sustainable and climate friendly resource. 

Using a recovered resource reduces the impact on global warming by 80% compared with virgin nylon. For every 10000 tones of ECONYL® fibre - 70000 barrels of crude oil and 65100 tonnes of carbon emissions are saved. 

Post consumer waste - fishing nets and carpet pile.

Any key performance features we should know about the new ECONYL® rib?

In terms of quality and performance, the new Signature ECONYL® rib is outstanding. It is resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils, pilling and abrasions and colours have been tested for fastness and longevity. Another point to note is that it carries a sun protection rating of UPF 50+. 

Are there any other sustainability credentials of the Signature swim collection?

Absolutely - as a member of 1% for the Planet we donate a portion of all Signature swim sales to environmental non-profits. Furthering our commitment to having a positive impact on the environment and global community. 

We have considered all aspects of the Signature collection in terms of trims and packaging. Our woven sew-in labels are made from 100% recycled polyester and swing tickets are FSC approved paper stock. Hygiene labels are made from bioplastic - both biodegradable and compostable. So as well as our biodegradable poly bags and recycled paper mailers - all packaging from your online order can be recycled or composted. 

Tell us more about how incorporating sustainable packaging has made a positive impact?

Choosing sustainable packaging has been direct and tangible benefits such as reducing virgin raw materials as well as plastic waste & pollution but what is often unseen is the impact of supporting like-minded businesses and suppliers. Like us they’re on a mission to make better choices and support initiatives that are have a positive impact on the environment & climate.

Many of our sustainable packaging suppliers are also 1% for the Planet members as well as transitioning to being carbon neutral while supporting charities such as Seabin Project.

From just one of our recycled paper online mailers we have helped remove 210kg of plastic waste from the ocean. All these seemingly small parts come together to make an incredible impact. 

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