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What is the secret to keeping the good energy and atmosphere going all day on set? 
Genuine conversation and a handsome playlist.
Essentials in your bad on a shoot day? 
Portrait lense, energy, water & credit card.
You mentioned that you created a particular playlist at 3am for this shoot. Tell us how music plays an important role for you when shooting? 
I live for music. I love all forms of expression actually; music, art, theatre. If someone can feel really good on set to me that is the finest thing, so I tend to put quite some time into the small things that make up the bigger picture. Music to me is a very important aspect of a photo shoot.
You recently moved to Byron Bay - what made you switch it up? 
This is a long answer. The short version of it is that sometimes one needs to reconnect to nature to understand life. And so, here I sit under a tree feeling the breeze.
Your portfolio is incredible - having worked with some of the best clients in the world such as Vogue, ELLE, Cartier and Playboy. What has been your biggest career highlight to date? 
Thank you very much. My initial answer was that 'I'm still working on it', however, to respectfully answer the question perhaps it was shooting Erin Wasson for Portavie Magazine. It was just one of those beautiful days where you were working with someone who is born to be in front of the camera and everything feels like poetry. And who doesn't love poetry. It's hard to describe as it wasn't really her wild beauty, more the wild spirit behind it, and so that was a very inspiring day for me and one I will always remember. Also a few Playboy shoots have been super fun. One in particular I created a sauna on set and it was just a steamy good time, everyone enjoyed it and the images show that. 
Where has been your favourite location to shoot? 
Iceland was a brilliant trip. So extreme. Sahara Desert will always be a special one. Our shoot location is one of my favourite beaches in the world so I feel lucky we got to shoot there. And most recently, a personal journey hiking the Himalayas, it was truly out of this world where mother nature was so extremely powerful I could barely breathe. 
What kind of girl makes for a JS girl? 
Spiritied, kind, funny, horny... 
What was Cristina like to work with? 
All of the above actually. She has this electrifying energy and made me smile the whole time. When a woman owns her body and becomes completely uninhibited it's the most stunning thing to witness. It's pure power actually. Cristina and I barely needed to speak on set, everything was a photograph as she was so connected to herself and the way she moved wearing the beautiful collection. Not to mention, she loved my playlist. Ha - here's cheers to less sleep, more music... 
P.s. Dancings allowed... 


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