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Meg, how did your day start and end on shoot day? 
My day always starts with a coffee. I'm not much of a morning person, which is funny being in this line of work with the standard 5am call times... I figure out what I'm going to wear, put on some sunscreen, pack the car with my styling kit, steamer, the new campaign pieces and off we go. 
On most shoots when the final look has been shot we announce "that's a wrap", everyone claps and/or hugs, it's a sweet tradition and a nice way to end the day when you have all been working hard to create something beautiful. Following this the team and I went for a much needed swim to cool off. It had been a hot one – still 32 degrees at 7:30pm. 

How did you find the shoot locations and what was a highlight of the day?
We shot in Puglia, Italy in a trulli which is a traditional limestone dwelling found in the southern Italian region. This style of building dates back to the mid early 14th century which makes for a unique place to shoot, not to mention every building is ridiculously photogenic.

Favourite things to do in Puglia?
Must see towns - Monoploi is my favorite, Alberobello, the village of the trulli and Martina Franca. Beaches - Grotte de la Poésie, Nfucaciucci Bay, Porto Miggiano Beach, Polignano a Mare (very busy but worth it) and of course morning dips at cala Porta Vecchia, monopoli. 
What are your essentials on a shoot day?
Steamer, scissors, clips and double sided tape. My styling kit changes for each job I do, but those are my essentials. 

What were your most loved styles from the campaign and how would you style them? 
I love comfort and effortless style, so I often go for basics that I can pair with what I already own. A must-have piece from this collection is the Signature Shirt. I'd wear this to death with jeans or open over the top of my bathers. For a day on set, I would wear this shirt with the Signature Knit Short, white socks and nike waffle trainers in rattan photo blue.

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