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Saasha, what does a normal day look like for you? 
Our days are so full, and no two days are the same, which I love. Atlas will usually wake around 6am, and join us in bed for cuddles and milk, before my husband Sammy takes him for a long walk into town to get coffee. It's such a luxury to catchup on some uninterrupted sleep and get some much needed rest before starting the day, no matter if we are at home or traveling. From there, it's usually a go, go, go non-stop between running two businesses, our modern wellness brand, BEAR, and the creative arm, Originals, and caring for Atlas full time. He's ten months and there's no stopping him at the moment - he's so curious and full of energy. We have just opened our first physical store and workspace for BEAR, named SPACE, in Bangalow which we are so proud of as a small family run business.

We are also renovating our house and looking forward to hosting our families for the holidays. We always have multiple projects overlapping - managing team and clients, creating, innovating, trying our best to prioritise our health and wellbeing, and enjoy each precious moment with Atlas. Each day really is a blessing, and nothing is more important than family. 

Saasha wears the Exotic Tri Bikini.

You recently travelled to beautiful North Queensland - what are your essentials to take on HOLIDAY? 
Lots of film! A couple of swimsuits, a reef-safe and non-toxic sunscreen, and a reusable water bottle. 

Where are some of your favourite places to travel for a HOLIDAY?
We love exploring the northern rivers area of New South Wales, doing a little road trip down to Yamba for a weekend away, and Bondi Beach is always a favourite. We can't wait to head back to Italy with Atlas when we can travel internationally again - straight to the beautiful Amalfi Coast where we were married.

Saasha wears the Sanctuary Shirt & Sanctuary Short.

We love your open-ness and dedication to living more sustainably - any new practices you've picked up? 
Thank you so much - it's an ever evolving journey and i'm constantly learning and unlearning. There are so many incredible resources out there available to us, we need to remain curious and open minded. Surrounded by nature, I have great empathy for the environment and actively try to consume in ways that consider the impact on our oceans and land. Our way of living is no longer sustainable, we do not have infinite resources. Sammy and I made the commitment to stop eating animal protein last year - for both the connection to climate change and the nutritional scientific evidence of a plant-based diet. Agriculture is a significant driver of global warming and it's such a small, yet important way to help reduce greenhouse gases and make a truly positive impact.

We are conscious to support local, small Australian businesses as much as possible. We always offset our carbon emissions when we fly. We bank with clean money through a responsible Australian bank that is also a fellow member of B-Corporation. We reuse, recycle and compost. We choose glass over plastic, and always carry a reusable water bottle and coffee cup. We shop at our local farmers market and bring reusable bags for our groceries. We installed solar panels this year and are conscious of our water and energy consumption. We have a little herb and vegetable garden, and are so excited for our first tomatoes. We love sourcing vintage, second-hand, and locally made furniture and homewares for our home and SPACE. There are so many small sustainable practices that we naturally incorporate into our every day lives, and we are constantly inspired by the incredible northern rivers community and their respect for nature. 

Saasha wears the Signature Balconette Top & High Waisted Brief - Hot Pink. 

Saasha wears the Rockpool Dress - coming January.

As a new mother and owner of BEAR, what does self care look like for you?
A little sleep-in in the morning, being able to slowly and mindfully drink my coffee, a few minutes to myself in the shower, being present in the moment with my family and laughing with Sammy and Atlas, and a swim in the ocean.

Biggest lesson in 2020? 
Our health and planetary health is paramount. I always love the quote "Nothing changes if nothing changes." One of the greatest threats to our planet is that someone else will save it. I've also learnt we need to have positive conversations around mental health, continue to seek connection and support, pause and invest in our emotional wellbeing. 

Saasha wears the Rockpool Onepiece - coming January.

Who and what inspires you? 
Atlas, growing and changing each day before my eyes, and seeing his childlike sense of wonder as he experiences things for the first time.

Favourite pieces from the Zulu & Zephyr Resort 21, HOLIDAY collection?
I've been living in the Sanctuary Shirt and Short set - it's perfect for layering over bathers with just one button done up and heading to the beach. The Exotic Tri Bikini is also such a great fit and such a flattering style. I always love high waisted bathers, especially with a little one, and wearing colour for Summer.

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