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What can we find in your beach bag?
Sarah: A tonne of sand haha… lots of water, fruit, sunscreen, lip balm.
Hannah: I like to keep it simple so most the time my go to things are - snacks, hats, sunscreen, hoodie towel, and my film camera to capture the memories. 

What do you take for the boys?
Sarah: The boys have been going to the beach since babies so they always find stuff to play with, I only need their snacks, hats, swimmers and a brolly for Micah! 
Hannah: Hazzy’s current favourite thing to take the beach is his little surf board to try and keep up with Dad. 

Favourite colour this season?

Go-to styles for your minis this Summer?
Sarah: The surf shorts are the perfect fit for Hawke now that he’s older and the mini rib shorts are always a favourite!
Hannah: Mini rib shorts will always be our go to!   

Favourite beach?
Sarah: Sunshine Beach is always a good time. 
Hannah: Double Island is one of our favourites to spend all day with friends and family. 

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