A montage of memories dedicated to our Mothers and how their style inspires us to this very day.


To our best friends, our heros - you've inspired us in more ways than we can imagine. We'll look back at these nostalgic photos forever and take a step back in time. Thank you for the vintage denim, for the scrunchies and the powersuits - for the trends that we'll continue to carry on for years to come. This ones for you. 

Candice & Karla - Directors.

"Going through mums photo albums as kids - seeing her as a teenager - living in a coastal beach town in Port Macquarie - shaped who we are as women today. These images stay with us and shine through the brand in every collection and photoshoot we produce. The jewellery, the sun bleached hair, the vintage fabrics and print... everything about her."


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Seraina - Head Designer.

"My mama has always been stylish, sewing her own clothes from a very young age. I've definitely inherited her love for styling looks and all-white ensembles. What I love most is how her looks are always cool and unique, if she can't find something she wants she just makes it. Growing up I'd spend weekends helping her sew and creating pieces we would love and wear." 


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Keely - Brand & Sales Representative.

"I would say my mum was a bit of a double agent with her style... just like me. Some days she might be wearing an oversized boyfriend T looking tomboyish, and other days you might find her in a tailored suit - she just wore what she felt comfortable in. It's this carefree essence that i'll continue to carry on."


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Laura - Warehouse Second In Charge

"My mum grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in a little town called Manly. She lived in these Crochet bikini's handmade by my Nanna, who still makes and wears these to this day. I think this is where my own love affair with swimwear came from." 



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Lili - Executive Assistant.

"Still to this day my mum lives in her denim (I think it's all she owns). When I was younger I was always wearing either a dress or skirt, something girly - I thought my mum was uncool for always dressing in denim & basic tees. She definitely proved me wrong... now I find myself picking through her wardrobe and stealing her style. Now all I live in is denim & tees, and can totally relate to her cool yet casual look."


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Jill - Garment Production Coordinator.

"Photos of my mum are treasured memories, she is forever captured in this time - Australia in the 70s/80s. Effortless, Summer style. My fondness for high waists, a wide leg, casual athletic and my penchant for a bold print are a representation of my nostalgia for this era. My mum is a true 70s icon to me, forever young."


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Josie - Customer Service.

"As my mum grew up in Switzerland, her wardrobe staples were mainly knits, denim and coats. She always has had a creative flair when styling outfits. I feel I have adapted to her style in my own personal way and I wish she still had these pieces to pass down to me." 


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Amanda - Warehouse Manager. 

"Mum and I love hitting the op-shops together, we get a thrill when finding vintage treasures. I've always been inspired by her carefree, relaxed sense of style."

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Chloe - Retail Assistant.

"Mum was the queen of a hot co-ord set way before her time. Her casual, cool approach to fashion has always inspired me... minus the 80s perm. 


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Emily - Online Manager.

"I always thought Mom had the coolest quirky style, and I still have and wear so many cherished pieces of hers today. Being from Northeast USA she loved a silk scarf, great knits and trenches, delicate collared shirts and high waisted denim."

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Mel - General Manager.

"My mum's always had her own unique sense of style - she's bold, loud and fiercely unapologetic, and that's what I love about her - her presence will light up any room and what I thought was embarrasing as a child, I now celebrate and hope that all women can express themselves so freely and confidently. Love you mum, Happy Mother's Day."

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Mel D - Accounts.

"Just like me, my mum was all about Summer - living in fresh, white blouses and swimwear - always by the water. This has definitely influenced my style now and just like her, i'm a sucker for a cool but bold print."

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