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Meet Chloe.
Tell us a bit about your work background - we hear you were an LA local?
That's right I moved home in December last year. In 2015 I was asked to move my life over to the USA to head up Bassike's first international flagship store in Venice Beach. It was such an incredible experience living and working in LA. Prior to that I was working with Bassike as Area Manager in Sydney. I've been multi-site managing and managing retail stores for the past 13 years now. I started out as a casual sales associate at Kookai when I was 19 and worked my way up from there. 
How did you land the role at ZZ's Byron Bay Flagship store?
I made a short list of the brands that inspire me the most and that I felt I most aligned with. It was a very short list, with ZZ being my only one! I approached Mel Colman with my CV and a little bit about my background in retail and told her how much I wanted to work with ZZ. So you can imagine how excited I was when she responded and wanted to meet! It's been a dream come true. 
What are your favourite pieces hanging in store right now? How would you style them?
It's hard to pick just a few but I'd have to say the Surfari Shirt & Short. It's just starting to warm up in Byron Bay and this print is just so fun! It's making me so excited for Summer.
I style my shirt untucked and slightly oversized to give it a relaxed vibe. My favourite accessory that I can't live without at the moment is the Cord Towelling Bag in Tan - it's just epic all round. 
What's your favourite part about working in retail?
Empowering women! Whether it's the women coming into the store to find the perfect outfit, or the team I work with. The best part of my job over the years has always been helping other women to feel their best and do their best at their job. Plus, we get to play dress ups all day! I mean, what's not to love?!
Anything exciting coming up for the store?
Yes absolutely! I'm working on some fun Summer shopping events at the moment. Plus a few other surprises that I can't mention yet but those who follow us on social and receive our updates will be the first to know. 
Before and after work ritual?
Every morning I get to the gym before work. Working out sets the tone for the day and puts me in a positive mindset. After work I have a bit of a drive home so I use that time to reflect on my day and what I'm most grateful for. It's my time with no distractions to check in with myself, which I find so important. 
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