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Zulu & Zephyr was in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch of our international collection capsule. We invited friends of Zulu & Zephyr to join us at Great White in West Hollywood to an intimate luncheon as we unveil our latest drop. Dressed in our latest collection, our guests came together to celebrate Summer. 

Event Production Lucky Chalm


Alex Violante
Ashleigh Braugh
Candice Rose
Cyd Morris
Hannah Faithlord
Janelle Lord
Julia Chalmers
Lauren Caruso
Lauren Eggersten
Lisette Gallo
Mason Rose
Mel Colman
Melanie Tran
Phoebe Marks
Stormi Bree
Sylve Colless
Zoe Gertz
Eliza O'Connor
Eliza O'Connor wears the Stone Crochet Dress
Stormi wears the Stone Cotton Blend Knit Jumper and Pant
Saro wears the Organic Cotton Shirt with the Organic Cotton Pant, paired with the Ribbed Knit Top
ASLAYY wears the Guava Towelling Bra Cup
Phoebe Marks of Free People wears the Rockmelon Knit Dress paired with the Celery Linen Shirt  
 Cydney Morris wears the Stone Cotton Blend Knit Pant
Zoe Gertz wears the Charcoal Stripe Knit Dress
Julia of Lucky Chalm wears the Stone Cotton Blend Knit Jumper
Lauren Eggerston and Lauren Caruso style back to wear the Stone Cotton Blend Knit Jumper