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As a small team of 15 creatives, we seek to find beauty in many mediums - particularly through our favourite artworks. 

From our Surfari Shirt & Short, to our Summertime Singlet & Pant - our designers have taken inspiration from the likes of Henri Matisse and more to create these exclusive prints.

We chat to our team below on how they are inspired by art. 

Chloe - Retail & Operations Manager

My favourite artist at the moment is an LA based artist called Kenesha Sneed aka "tactile matter". 

Kenesha celebrates sisterhood and community through her artwork and life. I absolutely love her use of bold yet muted colour. Her work transcends from print to textile and beyond. I love art that comes in many forms as it serves as a reminder to surround ourselves in beauty, warm and colours. I value her message of the importance of celebrating sisterhood, the beauty in being a woman and what is means to support each other. 

Tactile matter 2019, Safe Space 2019, Evening Snack 2019

Seraina - Head Designer

I found a large print of Henri Rousseau's "Exotic Landscape" in an opshop when I was 16. I was instantly drawn to the shades of green, the playful monkeys and the mix of tropical grass, leaves and trees. It instantly transported me to the jungles of Central America, all the places my teenage self was longing to visit. 

I later found out that Henri Rousseau's work consisted mostly of exotic scenes, of places he himself had never been. The print has followed me to every home I have ever lived. It's a reminder of the places I have been and the places I want to visit - and of course my love of tropical foliage. 

 Exotic Landscape, 1910

Jill - Garment Production Coordinator

I recently came across the paintings of Mulyatingki Marney, a Martu woman, whose country encompasses the Punma, Kunawarritji and Karlamilyi River regions of WA. For me personally, her paintings conjure the calmness of open country - evoking the sounds, smells and colours of the bush. The way the sun moves across the land and flocks of squawking cockatoos taking to the sky. I find her work so grounding, reminding me of my own connection to nature and country as well as the deep respect I hold for our land and its first people. I'd like to share a little of her story as well as some of her paintings. 

Mulyatingki lived between Punmu and Kunawarritji and later travelled south into Karlamilyi (Rudall River). As a young girl she walked extensively through the area with her sisters Nyanjilpayi (Nancy Chapman) and May Chapman even after the death of her parents, they continued to travel in the desert sometimes with other family groups. With the construction of the Canning Stock Route they increasingly came in contact with European & Martu stock drovers. After an extreme and prolonged drought they waked into Balfour Station and were met by mission staff. They were one of the last families to leave the desert. 

Jakulyukulya (Sevcen Sisters) Jukurrpa, Mulyatingki Marney, Untitled, Mulyatingki Marney, Pala Pala, Mulyatingki Marney

Mel - Accounts 

Photographer Slim Aarons has inspired so many aspects of my life over the years, he really captured the resort lifestyle. I would daydream of stepping into his Poolside Party images, so when I built my home, and now when i entertain by the pool, I feel like Ive turned back the clock and am sipping a champagne right there with them.

Poolside Party, 1970 

Lili - Executive Assistant

I purchased my first ever print from the woman herself and one of my favourite photographers Akila Berjaoui, who's work i've been inspire by for years. The way she captures present-day bodies and seaside locations with a sultry, raw and carefree like element of nostalgic past-times, makes me want to bring the same attitude towards my every day living. 

 Beach Bums, Edition 17/30

Keely - Brand & Sales Representative

My favourite artist that I always gravitate towards is John Zabawa. I like to live my life with a "less is more" approach, and I feel that John evokes this through his artwork. John's work is simple, yet articulated so well and distinct to me - I find his pieces very calming, especially with the earthy palette he tends to work with. 

I'm inspired by his humble nature which ricochet's through his art - he isn't trying to be loud and create noise, he's just doing what he loves and doing it well. 

Palms 2018, Stones 5 2020, Posters 2018