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Matilda, what does a normal day look like for you?

In all honesty it’s impossible to say. A normal day for me can be anything from a day in the studio to sitting in my couch at home going through emails. But for me the variety in my job is the most fun part. One day my job will take me to Jamaica for a photoshoot and the next day I’ll be working from home.
Your willingness to be so open and transparent with your large following is a breath of fresh air. We love that you often discuss and open up about mental health and body image — what makes these topics important for you?

Having gone through an eating disorder and self harm the subject is very close to my heart. It’s what we say in Sweden ”hjärtefråga” which translates into a very important subject that is personal. I try to be the person I would have wanted to follow when I was going through the hardest period in my life. Working with social media and as a model I also get to experience first hand how crazy this industry can be. I just try to remind my followers that hey we are all humans, we all have insecurities and days where we feel not so great. It can of course be very scary to open up and talk about these things but the response I get and the messages I get make it all worth it.

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What’s your best piece of advice for young girls living in today’s digital world?

To remind them that social media is 10% of a persons life. And they usually tend to show the highlights and not the lowlights. It’s important to just realize that we are all so special in our own way and to embrace that instead of comparing ourselves to the people you follow. Which of course is easier said than done but it’s definitely something we all need to work on.
We love the versatility in your style — one day you’re in a fuschia tailored suit and the next a pair of vintage levi’s & white tee. Tell us how you find comfort in your own style?

For me it’s easy - I wear things that I feel comfortable and confident in. I don’t believe in following trends, I think style is more about what makes you feel good. And I think it’s fun to mix it up, I feel like even though my outfits can vary a lot you can still see that it’s me.

How do you manage to remain calm & balanced when travelling and on-the-go?

It can definitely be hard. Going for walks or working out definitely makes me feel like I can breathe a little easier. Taking time for myself is important. And eating what makes me feel good. If it’s a salad one day and a cookie the next, that’s okay.

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You’re lucky enough to travel to some of the most beautiful & exotic locations for work. Favourite holiday destinations and must have holidays essentials?

I love the Caribbean islands, they are just so special. If I want to travel in Europe for summer the coastline of Italy is absolutely stunning. Holiday essentials for me is definitely my film camera, comfy dress that is airy, a hat to cover up and my journal.
Your all time favourite ZZ piece?

This is such an unfair question haha. I LOVE the willow pants and the knitted jumpsuit. I love clothes that are comfortable and pretty to look at!

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