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Ida, how did your day start and end on shoot day? 
My day started at Henrik's house where we got some coffee and fruit for breakfast. We enjoyed the morning sun a bit while Henrik tried to figure out when the best lightning would be throughout the day. I was also walking around the house to check it out, since I arrived late the night before. 

How was the location for your shoot with Purienne and what was your highlight of the day?
The location where we were shooting had a really nice vibe with some sandy rocks and the ocean was so beautiful with turquoise colours. My highlight was when we were driving in the car to the location where we were listening to some loud music and enjoying the view.

Any local places to visit in the Balearic? 
There are a lot of exciting and different calm places to visit, but I do not know the name of any of the places sadly. We went to a really nice local restaurant for dinner which was just nearby the house. I loved the food there! We got salmon, potatoes and croquettes 

What are you reading/listening to at the moment? 
I study a BSc in International Business at Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, so I would say I primarily read about the International Business Environment these days, since that is the course I will finish next. I listen to the Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and ABBA as well. I love music so I am not picky when it comes to music. 
Your beach bag essentials?
I always bring suncream, sunglasses, homemade lunch, water, a towel and headphones. I mostly listen to music when I tan at the beach. 

Favourite look from the day and why? 
I love the papaya and avocado colours!
And my favourite styles are the Signature Boy Short in Coconut, Signature Bandeau Top and Signature Triangle Top

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