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Official Opening for Bondi Beach
Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating this moment in our brand's history. Originating and Born in Bondi Beach, in the Summer of 2012, we are excited to be back. A moment to stop, reflect, and celebrate the special occasion of returning to where we began. Thank you for the warmest welcome, Bondi. 


Store Design @zuluandzephyr 
Photography @thefourthcreative
Event Production @portobellopr
Aimee Bruce
Alyssa Harper
Basra Ajeh
Bella Rytcher
Brittany Hockley
Caroline Groth
Cass Sersemis
Chanelle Monsour
Charlie Boyce
Chelsea Williamson
Delaney Ashton
Elise Wilson
Ella Sangster
Elodie Russell
Gabrielle Rizzo
Georgia Ansell
Holly Hampton Thayers
Indi Rae
Isobel Larkin
Jasmin Hannigan
Jasmine Pirovic
Jessica Burrows
Joanne Phua 
Julianna Yao
Karla Rose
Kelsea Lord
Lattia Taylor
Lizzie Cao
Matilda Rudd
Mel Colman
Nat Cottee
Nick Slater
Pema Bashki
Sabine Weissenborn
Sarah Stephens
Seraina Fontana
Sharon Desilva
Shivani Pillay
Sophie Hotchin
Sophie Richard
Tamera Francis
Tina Will Salkeld