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Rest / Air

Between wears, simply air denim in the shade. Spot clean with warm water, gentle detergent and a clean cloth. On occasion, use a natural deodorizer spray between washes. 

Occasionally wash

Wash once per every 10 wears on a gentle cycle at 30°C or lower. Washing in cool water protects against fading, shrinking and maintains the rich denim colour. Cold water also saves energy, making it better for your denim and the environment. Line dry where possible, dryers cause denim to shrink, lose shape and shortens the overall lifespan of fabric. 


Fold denim down in a dry cool place. Hanging denim for long periods of time can cause the waistband to loose shape. Always fix buttons and zip fly, this ensures your favourite denim keeps its shape. 


Make a conscious effort to spot clean stains immediately, as the recycled denim fibres naturally soak and dry quickly. Instant spot cleaning can reduce the severity of stains. 

Removing that new Denim scent

Place the Shorts in a zip lock bag, leaving them in the freezer for 24 hours. Then air dry out of direct sunlight for a further 24 hours.

Add 1x tablespoon of baking soda and 1x tablespoon of white vinegar into a mixture and add to a cold hand wash cycle. Air dry out of direct sunlight. Washing denim with white vinegar will also assist with preserving colour.

You may need to repeat either process once or twice to remove the scent.