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Mel - what is your role at Zulu & Zephyr and how involved were you in the CAMI Shoot?

As General Manager, I was very involved in the concept from the beginning – Location scouting, model casting, overseeing campaign samples, call sheets, flights and logistics. I was also on-set assisting Lara with hair and makeup, styling and managing the general flow and schedule of the day.


You worked with Creative Director Lara Worthington quite in depth in the lead up to campaign and on set. How did you find this experience on a professional level?

I did – we love Lara, she’s the quintessential Australian ZZ girl, so it was exciting to explore the businesswoman, entrepreneurial side of Lara as Creative Director and for us to create an exciting, fresh collaborative approach.

Tell us about the general mood and feel for campaign day.

There was an element of excitement in the air – we were all thrilled to meet and work with both Lara and Darren McDonald. The crew was really down to earth so instantly things felt relaxed and natural, which made everything run smoothly on the day. 

CAMI was a unique campaign. What were some challenges on the day?

We photographed the campaign on a private dusty ranch tucked away in the Santa Monica Hills – the terrain was absolutely stunning! It was the middle of summer and the closest coffee shop was two hours away, there was also talk of rattlesnakes! However, despite facing some huge hurdles, we pulled off an epic campaign in high spirits and at the end of the day we were all really proud of what we had achieved. 

What were some of your favourite looks on the day?

The Heat Shirt paired with the Sandstone Pant a sure go-to for 2018. 
Also the Bone Trench and Pant are classic, timeless pieces. 

What are your on set essentials. 

iPhone, mood board, water, sunscreen (ASAP Daily Defence SPF 50), face mist (Aesop Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol), and snacks!  

How did Lara put her spin on the Creative Direction? What did she offer for this campaign? 

Lara was detailed with her vision and very hands on – she wanted to shoot on film, selected the looks, chose the location and cast Camille Opp our model. Lara did all Hair and Makeup and was great at offering advice and direction to Camille throughout the day. 


 How do you hope that followers of the brand respond to CAMI? 

I hope that people can see the authenticity in our collaboration with Lara. The partnership was very natural – two Australian brands teaming up to create something beautiful and unique.


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