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The Evolution of Signatures Swim
An Exclusive Interview with Director and Designer Karla Rose and Head of Product and Sustainability, Carly Rabjones on the Evolution of the Signatures Swim collection.



How did the process of sourcing new fabrics for the Signature Collection come together? Can you share some insights into the inspirations and motivations behind these choices?

We started this journey with a simple goal: to do better for our planet.

From historical data we saw Zulu & Zephyr Signatures and Mini collections consumed a significant amount of our annual fabric supply, leaving a lasting impact on the environment. So, we decide it was time for a change. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to create Zulu & Zephyrs first custom made 100% recycled rib fabric. A fabric that not only will reduce our impact on the planet but improve and evolve our Signatures and Mini collections.

Could you elaborate on the sustainability commitments that guided the development of the new Signature Collection? What specific initiatives or materials were integrated to reduce its environmental impact?

Our new Signatures is crafted entirely from our first 100% certified and traceable recycled pre-consumer Nylon and Lycra waste.

Nylon and Spandex are critical yarns used within swimwear ensuring longevity, dyeability, fit, and freedom of movement. Traditionally, these yarns are derived from petroleum, when we extract and refine the petroleum used to make fabric we pollute land, air and water, and contributes to global warming.

Our new signatures material is knitted from Repreve Nylon and Eco Made Lyrca, an innovative circular fabric. Both Repreve Nylon and Eco Made Lyrca are created by pre-consumer waste. The waste is collected from production lines and then reincorporated into a new raw material. By using Repreve Nylon and Eco Made Lycra, we can divert waste from landfills and reuse it in products.





Could you share any unique design challenges or creative breakthroughs that emerged during the development of this collection?

The main challenge we faced was ensuring each style within out Signatures and Mini collections fit correct and true. As this was our first collection creating product which used a Recycled Spandex and custom rib structure in the fabric. The yarn and new fabric construction meant we needed to re fit the whole collection multiple times. We took this as an opportunity to perfect the fit of each style in the collection, tweaking anything that needed improvement and ensuring the collection fit perfectly for all sizes.