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Andrea, what does a normal day look like for you? 

If i'm not working, I usually start my day with some form of movement like a workout, a run or walk with my dogs on the mountain, pilates, yoga or barre. Then I eat breakfast around midday and spend the rest of the day either running errands, seeing friends/boyfriend or on the beach. Sometime I also just veg out and watch Netflix or curl up with a book. 

Tell us about your modelling career and how it all started?

I was scouted at 15 via a friend who was also at my agency and started working shortly thereafter. I had to juggle school and modelling which was not always easy, as I had to miss out on a lot of travel opportunities but I finished my final year last year and am now modelling full time. 

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Favourite piece / look / colour from the shoot?

Has to be the fleece sweaters and shorts - been waiting to get them for ages now! And the blue/white button up oversized shirt. 

What are your beach essentials?

Bikini (obviously), towel, book and water. Nothing fancy! 

How do you get shoot ready?

I got to bed early and wake up well before my call time because I hate being late. If the shoot is swim or lingerie, I gotta wax! And have to make sure nails, hair and skin are clean. I always pack nuts or a protein bar, my own coffee keep cup and water bottle. 

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What is something most people would not know about Cape Town?

There is a tremendous diversity in culture and people, which I love and am grateful for. It's not as unsafe as most people are told, just be vigilant. 

When you're not modelling, what's on the agenda?

 If it's Summer you'll find me on the beach. I also love cooking and baking. Up till recently I was finishing school so it has been interesting navigating my way through this turbulent time and finding ways to keep busy when not working. I have a lot of freedom, that's for sure. 

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