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The Unlikely Florist in ZZ Unisex Styles
Step into the captivating world of Spencer Falls @theunlikelyflorist, the visionary florist based in the city of Los Angeles. With a passion for nature and design, Spencer has redefined the floral landscape, bringing a refreshing approach to botanical artistry.
1. How do you describe your style?
Natural, relaxed, and earthy with a utilitarian practicality.
2. What are your top tips for creating stylish and comfortable outfits for everyday wear?
Build your wardrobe with colors that compliment one another, so that no matter what you've put on it goes together. Quality over quantity.
3. Can you share some tips on caring for indoor plants to ensure they thrive in our homes?
I wish I could, all my plants seem to be dying on me. Nah nah nah, you should care for them like you'd care for any creature or person. Be attentive to their needs and health, and know that every living thing needs food water. A little plant food and taking them outside from time to time for some sunlight.
4. What are some of the latest floral trends that you're excited about?
That there seems to be a growing appreciation for dried flowers. I hate throwing away flowers so I accumulate a lot of dried material and always love utilizing it in creative ways.
5. Could you suggest a low-maintenance yet visually stunning plant for beginners?
Ficus elastica, also known as the rubber plant.