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You also own Vahst design studio with some incredible clients — tell us a bit about how Vahst Store was born.

The concept of our store stemmed from our Design Studio, Vahst Studio. At Vahst we work with small businesses and start-ups specialising in branding, digital design and web development. Our studio resides upstairs of Vahst Space and our showroom for the store is on the ground level, this space is also shared among local creatives and clients for photoshoots and small community events.

Vahst Space is a multi-concept space that encourages creativity, welcomes community and heroes ethical brands. When closely working with brands, especially in the retail/eCommerce space you get such an insight to 'behind the scenes' – the research, strategy, development, creative process and execution. We see the amount of work that goes into this process and we're lucky enough to be a part of the journey. I feel as though this is an aspect not very many people get to see, the abundance of intention and effort people now go to when producing ethical brands is something we wanted to capture. With a strong passion for design and fashion we wanted to create a space to hero ethical brands for men & women and to educate individuals on more than just the garment. There is such a process when creating something and part of our mission is to highlight the designers behind the brand and the origin of design. 


 What inspires you when buying for a new season?

I love the campaigns – they tell the story of the collection and it gives you an insight to the themes of the range to come. We aim to encourage timeless design and we endeavour to invest in styles that last a lifetime and compliment the change in seasons. ZZ does this so beautifully as each collection can be paired with the previous or next. 

What’s your favourite piece of Zulu & Zephyr in-store at the moment? 

The Knitted Cotton Rib Tank and Pant – I'm a big fan of sets.  

What’s on the horizon for Vahst store and where can we find you? 

We have some really exciting brands arriving in store this year, both Australian and International. We hope that our curation of brands sparks interest and we can continue to grow and share this space.

You can find us in store 12/15 Ramly Drive, Burleigh Heads or Online at
vahststore.com @vahststore