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Meet the Buyer • H Project

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Toronto, Canada and I am the buyer for H Project, a specialty department within Holt Renfrew that focuses on artisanal, sustainable and charitable goods. My parents shared their love of travel with my brothers and I, from a young age. I quickly became fascinated by indigenous cultures and extraordinary ecosystems all over the world. Today I continue to travel with my partner, but feel very lucky to engage my passion as part of my career.


2. How did your career in the fashion industry begin? Could you share the story of how you initially embarked on this professional journey?

I studied Fashion Promotion at the London College of Fashion in England and returned to Canada to get a second degree in Economics. My buying career began in the footwear industry through Nine West and Holt Renfrew. In 2017 H Project was growing and a buying position opened up on the team. I jumped at the opportunity! I love buying and the chance to buy with a positive impact, gave me purpose. In my time with H Project, it has been incredible to see dedicated brands make the shift towards a more sustainable future. 

3. How does The H Project integrate sustainability into its approach to fashion buying? What steps has the brand taken to ensure that the products it purchases contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry?

H Project focuses on six buying better criteria: artisanal, sustainable material, charitable, clean beauty, circular and innovative. Each individual product that we bring in must qualify under one or more criteria. To verify the claims we lean heavily on third party certifications achieved by the brands. We do the background work for our customers so they can feel comfortable shopping across the department, knowing that each piece supports local cultures and communities, has a minimal impact on the environment and positively impacts the world.


4. What 3 words best describe you?
Curious, kind and creative


5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
The Yucatan, in Mexico. The peninsula is full of jungles, beaches, cenotes and steeped in Mayan culture – it feels like pure magic with so many adventures to be had.


6. Key colours & prints you'll be wearing this season
Greens and neutrals with a focus on texture.

7. Favourite styles from our latest collection.
My favourite set from the collection this season is the Cabana Stripe Organic Cotton Blend Knit Jumper and Pant. Cool, comfortable and chic! The Forest Stripe Organic Cotton Shirt is incredible in person. The texture and craftsmanship blew me away. Last but not least I love the Mandarin Organic Cotton Blend Knit Bandeau and Skirt. I would pair this with a cream cardigan for a perfect transitional autumn outfit.