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As a woman of many talents, can you tell us a little bit about your journey as an artist?
I've always communicated in a visual way, so for me it was a natural progression to follow that journey into further university studies, completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Melbourne. After three years of guidance and experimentation, I found that my love of sculpture, using clay as my medium, was more solidified than ever. Once I started to exhibit my work, and connect with other creatives, I realised I wanted to expand my practice into wearable objects too. La Sea was then born and would continue to compliment my practice as an artist until today. Working in both sculptural and wearable object has been a very refreshing balance between the design and art world for me.

What is your favourite art medium and why?
Clay has always been my favourite medium since I was a little girl. Clay holds so much possibility. Every time I work with it, something new evolves between us in the moment. It's almost like clay acts as a mentor to me, encouraging me to work in new ways each day.

What inspires you most when conceptualising your ideas across ceramics and jewellery?
I focus on uncovering the space between the points of my Maluku Islands and Australian Identities. Within this personal research, I am able to express my findings through my sculptural and wearable work. You will see this inspiration through my chosen textures, carvings and form. 
A quote you live by

 "To go against the grain is the secret of bravery."

Best piece of advice you’ve been given
All worthwhile experiences are at some point difficult. And so it's always worth remembering to never let that stop you from obtaining it.

Where can we discover more of your work?

 Find all my work and news at: https://sealalokollo.com/ 
I am working on building a new online shop where you will be able to find all of my work in one place. The concept is to be able to offer small collections of ceramics and jewellery, accessible to anyone around the world. For now, I am using my Instagram accounts to connect with clients who wish to do a studio visit here in Melbourne or to organise a special jewellery commission online.

Jewellery: La Sea  Ceramics: Seala Lokollo  

Favourite ZZ knitwear look from his season? 

I love my Cotton Thick Rib Knit Jumper from the recent collection, I wear this piece all the time, especially as the weather cools down.  


1. Boucle Cardigan, Boucle Crop Top, Recycled Cotton Utility Jean
2. Camel Stripe Cotton Knit Dress, Bucket Hat, Stripe Tote 
3. Indigo Stripe Bralette, Boy Short, Cotton Poplin Shirt