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Meet the photographer Susan Buth

Susan, could you describe your experience shooting for Zulu & Zephyr? What were the most memorable moments during the shoot?
I enjoyed the shoot so much because in my opinion I work best if it's just me and the model. Your trust gave me so much empowerment. We have shot the campaign in Sicily on these beautiful white stone cliff. And the most memorable moment was the very last set. We had this magical sunset situation and while walking back to the car there was this huge big golden full moon. This moment was so satisfying also to know we had thesen insane shots wrapped.

In the world of fashion photography, creativity is essential. Can you share some of your creative inspirations?
For me it's a combination of preparation, like creating a moodboard in advance and being spontaneous while I am in the moment of the shooting. But usually I try to reinterpret seen with new twists.

Zulu & Zephyr is known for its unique aesthetics. How did you approach capturing the essence of the collection while maintaining your distinctive style as a photographer?
I really love the vintage vibe of Zulu & Zephyr which combines high quality with timeless silhouettes. I try to embody these aspects in my work as well. So in the end it was super easy to work with every piece of the collection. Especially shooting those on our stunner girl Melina Martin. All together was a perfect match.

Could you share with us the story of how you first started your journey in photography and the pivotal moments that led you to become a professional photographer?
I started with photography when I was 19 years old doing a classic apprenticeship in a little portrait studio in my hometown in Germany. In the beginning I thought this could be fun, but it turned out to be my biggest passion, and then I was hooked. But to be financial on a safe side I took a second job. For a long time the photography was just a part time thing, until I decided to quit my primary job 3 years ago to put all my time and energies in it, and to see what is possible to do it full time. It was the best decision ever.

Film or digital?
That depends a bit what I am shooting for. There are clients who prefer this or that. But for my personal work I would always choose film. The pictures are different. I can not really describe what it is. So pure and raw.