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The concept of the "speckle" design first launched last year in the best selling Midnight story, tell us how this came to life? 

The Midnight story featured our signature loungewear shapes - pant, jumper, oversized dress and a relaxed wrap style cardigan. Effortless & cool, these pieces proved to be a success as they spoke to our customer by being versatile as well as timeless. Uncomplicated clothes designed to be worn time after time. We wanted to develop a midweight cotton knit that had more depth than a flat colour, which is how the speckle yarn came about. 

What inspired this design?

Following multiple re-stocks of the Midnight and high demand for more, we decided to update the story for 2020 with the Dusty Knits. This time, we chose a more natural base with black speckle, still as timeless as the OG but with a little more warmth. We've brought back the pant, jumper and cardigan as these pieces are elevated yet effortless, our signature mix of cool and beautiful. 

How would you style these pieces?

Definitely together! Who doesn't love a set?! I particularly love the cardigan worn closed over the pant, this play with proportion and layering evokes this relaxed yet sophisticated mood. However, all pieces can be worn with a myriad of looks - paired back with denim, styled with an oversized tee or the cardigan worn sized up simply on its own. 

What is your favourite piece?

My favourite piece would have to be the Cardigan. I'm a sucker for a wrap and this style combined with the fluidity of the knit is my perfect all-rounder pieces - worn dressed up or down. 

What do you think makes these so special?

It's often the more understated pieces in our closets that we come back to time and time again. The versatility and unique knit quality of the pieces is what makes them wardrobe essentials. 


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