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In a time where constant news updates are at the forefront of everyone's social media, it's incredibly refreshing to see people actively finding new ways of living within their means. There's a certain wave, or sigh of relief, that we are now forced to slow down and focus on simple living. We're looking to @dixie_rose - owner of family run cafe ARVO, mother of two and living the sweet island life in Hawaii. Dixie has a way of making you feel at ease during this whole process - she shines light on the positive ways to navigate as a family and as an individual. 
How are you taking a positive approach to WFH?
We are going steady, healthy and I can say creativity has saved my family.
Any new daily rituals? 
LOTS. My plants are back alive and I am especially loving making a pour over at home. 
As a mother of two, how are you keeping your kids entertained at home?
It's a total ruckus and every morning starts with a drum or DJ lesson purposely to wake mama  up (I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON) and when she's up it's just taking everything slow from making brekky together to watering plants, spying on a lizard, dance parties and telling jokes on the couch. We have all learned to just appreciate the smallest things. Taking the online school thing very slowly... I really just want them to remember this time to be something they really enjoyed and know we have the power to make that imprint. Of course there is screen time too - my kids have already asked when they can watch Tiger King with me. 
There's been a big shift in people focusing on 'self love' during this time - what does this mean for you?
This is me on so many levels. When you are isolated, it's easy to get into your head and start overthinking. I harboured a lot of guilt juggling so many things for years about what I could be doing more or less of. For once I am able to switch off and be a little selfish, but at the same time concentrate on family and be with them. My entire family is very social in their own right and it was a constant rat race where I would put myself last. Now there is ample time for everyone and for everyone to know you are enough - just being you. This is true! 
Dixie wears the Harvest Cardigan, Pink & Solstice Dress.

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