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How are the Harvest & Entwined knits constructed?
These knits are made from a specialty yarn, often referred to as a 'chain' yarn due to its construction. It is a complex knitted yarn that has been constructed in a circular knit machine. In comparison, most yarns are 'twisted' yarns - constructed on a machine that twists together various strands of yarn. The Harvest & Entwined yarn is a knitted blend of cotton and nylon fibres. 
The specialty 'chain' yarn is then knitted into garment form. To achieve the chunky fit & spongey hand feel, there are 6 ends of yarn knitted together. 
Although we are conscious of using synthetic fibres due to their negative environmental impacts, Nylon is essential for this type of yarn. Where possible we try to choose natural or recycled fibres, from time to time the aesthetic of a garment needs to be maintained.
As Nylon is essentially elastic it provides the return in order for it to be a 'chain' yarn. From a hand feel point of view that is what gives the garment that 'spongey' feel that makes it so special. 
From a garment wear & tear point of view, due to the yarn construction, pilling is less likely to occur and it won't feel as scratchy as a twisted yarn. However it does have a tendency to pull or be snagged. 

Entwined Jumper - Powder Blue & White.

Any design features, fit? 
From a design & fit perspective, the shapes are quite clean as the yarn really speaks for itself. We have tried to limit seams to avoid chunky, unflattering fit. Both the jumper and cardigan have drop shoulder for a relaxed fit. The cardigan has a forward shoulder seam so the chunky seam does not sit directly on the shoulder. Whereas the jumper has full, voluminous sleeves that are accentuated by the chunky, spongey knit. The shorts are clean - designed to be layered. 
How should you care for these special knits?
As knits need a little extra care to last you many seasons, below are some simple steps to improve the longevity of your knitted garment. As a general rule, always follow the care wording attached to each garment for specific care instructions. 
Close up of the 'chain' yarn on the Harvest Shorts.
Care instructions: 
  • Cold hand wash separately 
  • We recommend using gentle or woollen detergent. Do not use any bleaching agent
  • Wash with care, do not rub or wring 
  • Do not soak 
  • Rinse in cold water and gently squeeze out excess water 
  • Reshape and dry flat in shade 
  • Do not tumble dry 
  • Do not iron 


Harvest Jumper - Pink & Camel.


How should you store your knits?

Always store knitwear folded to maintain shape.
Do not hang as gravity will distort & stretch the garment, and do not store damp. 

Any maintenance? 

Due to the 'chain' yarn construction, as well as the high cotton content, pilling is less likely to occur in this yarn. However as pilling or balling is a natural occurrence for knitwear, it is essential to try to avoid consistent rubbing against another garment or surface. It if does occur, we recommend using a fine wool comb to keep knitwear looking optimal. Ensure the knit is completely dry before gently brushing in a single direction to remove pills or balls. 

Snagging or pulling is unfortunately another result of general wear and tear. Try to avoid the garment getting caught on jewellery or hardware, but if this happens follow the simple steps outlined in our 'how to care for your ZZ knits' to rectify. 

Knots are a common yet unavoidable result of knitwear construction that can appear on the outer or inner of your knitted garment. As a knitted garment is essentially constructed of one long strand (end) of yarn or in this case, multiple ends knitted together. Each spool of yarn needs to be tied off to the next to achieve a continuous strand. To hide the knit, gently pull through to the reverse side of the garment or for more information visit 'how to care for your ZZ knits'. 


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