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Can you tell us about how you first got interested in video and the creative industry in general?

I was first exposed to motion through a mate who had a camera in the early 2000’s, he used to shoot mainly motocross and surfing. I borrowed his camera one day and literally started trying to film anything and everything. At the time, I was a frothing bodyboarder so naturally I started shooting my mates surfing. I remember one weekend I loaded a bunch of random footage onto my mates computer and started editing - I had no idea what I was doing, but it felt amazing! I loved the process of going out to film it and then putting it all together into a clip. From there I knew straight away that it was something that I really wanted to pursue. After a few years of shooting bodyboarding and creating a few surf films, I decided to study a Bachelor of Film Production, then moved to Sydney and started working within the industry.

You recently filmed ZZ Directors Candice and Karla for a day in their lives. Did you learn anything new about the girls and the work they do? 
This project was super fun for me as I have known Candice and Karla for a very long time, way before they had even started ZZ. It’s been super inspiring watching their journey so far, so when Candice first mentioned the project, I was pumped to tell their story. 

The thing that I took away from the project is the amount of work that goes into each and every garment designed. For me, I'm normally only ever shooting the end product on a model, so it was super interesting to gain an insight into the production side of it and how much thought and hard work goes into it.

An outtake from the film by The Noun Collective. 
Who have been particularly influential in your creative practice? 
Early on I was heavily influenced by Spike Jonze. I looked at his work and his attitude as ‘anything is possible’ no matter how big or small the project. He works on anything from a Hollywood feature film, to a small budget indie skateboarding film. I’ve always loved his work! Nowadays, I'm pretty much inspired by anyone who is creating good work and is passionate about what they do. 

Karla and Candice, Zulu & Zephyr Directors. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of shooting? 
Hitting the beach with my fam and friends, with lots of surf swapping with my partner Kat

We heard you have a second baby on the way - congratulations! How do you juggle work with being a Dad? 
Thank you, shes due in SeptemberFatherhood for me has been an amazing journey and one of constant adapting. My partner Kat is a photographer and we used to work together full time before Jax was born. Adapting your work schedule, routine and daily process has definitely had its challenges. Early on we used to split the days in half unless one of us was on set and that worked really well. I really thrived on the swap and the mental shift between work and fatherhood. I think when you own your own business there’s always going to be juggling and ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Where can we discover more of your work?
I would say that the noun collective is the best placemy biggest passion is shooting people, brands and their stories and that’s where you will find some of that work. 

Discover the Zulu & Zephyr film by Dave of The Noun Collective here