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We’re so happy to put a face to the names — Emily & Erin. Tell us a bit more about you and how you got into your role at ZZ? Any previous experience in this field?
ERIN:  I've grown up on the Gold Coast, currently located in Palm Beach, living in a little house close to the beach with my partner. Luckily, Byron Bay is just a short drive down the highway, which is a perfect time to listen to my favourite podcast. 
I have previous experience working for a swim label, looking after customer service, and managing their wholesale orders and everything in-between! I’ve always loved working in fashion, especially around inspiring women. It’s beautiful to see what goes on behind a successful brand and being a part of this is really special! 

Erin, on emails. 

EMILY: I’m from Cornwall in the UK, a relaxed coastal area that reminds me a lot of the Byron Shire. After meeting my Australian partner whilst travelling in El Salvador, Central America in 2011, I moved to Australia around 9 years ago. We made the move to Byron Bay in late 2016, and we now live in the charming little town of Mullumbimby, in an old wooden house with our cheeky red cattle dog Bodie. I’ve worked in the fashion retail industry through most my working career, and have been with the ZZ team for just over 2 years.

  Emily, working on putting together your order. 

What does an average day for you look like?
Our team starts the working day at 8am. Large coffee (Emily) and coconut chai tea (Erin) in hand, we open the warehouse doors to let in the fresh air and sunshine. Our first point of call is to zap through our emails and messages, checking for any urgent matters such as changes to online orders, as these begin to be processed at 10am each day.
Days for us really vary. Some days we’ll be flooded with emails and calls, with requests varying from anything from sizing and styling advice, to locating particular items through stockists, to shipping guidance or tracking. Our primary focus is customer care, but as there are just four of us in our core warehouse team, we also move across all areas, assisting where needed.
Our April drop is launching very soon, so today we’re packing stockist orders, so they may have this in time for the launch. This process can take a few days, but once it’s finished and triple checked, we’ll have a good look at the new arrivals. Knowledge of the fit and feel of all garments is so important for our role.
The postman pops in late morning to deliver our returns for the day. These will be received straight into our returns program, to be later processed. We’ve recently changed this system, and now all returns are lodged through the website and through an automatic app. It’s made it so much more efficient and streamlined for all involved, we love it!
Our roles require great attention to detail, for anything from helping to ensure the online store is operating as it should, to noticing any fit or fault issues to be passed onto the design team and our garment technician. We are also here to assist our stockists with any replacements or reorders and work with the sales team to make this happen.
We are waiting on a few stock deliveries, and when these arrive we’ll be helping load the boxes into the warehouse. No gym needed after this! We like to keep our busy warehouse as clean and organised as possible. Excitingly, we will soon start to prepare for our next ZZ warehouse sale, happening in a couple months time

You’re probably two of the most calm & collected people in our team — how do you manage every day stress?
ERIN: It definitely helps being on top of everything on a daily basis so we can avoid stressful situations. Our customer's experience with ZZ is always our main priority, which means completing tasks at a timely manner. Em & I coordinate with each other and are always working together to minimise stress!
After a busy day at work, I feel it’s really important to get some “me” time once I’m home — I usually spend my afternoons walking my golden retriever Harriet at the dog beach or I’ll head to Pilates. These are my favourite ways to wind down and clear my mind — or a glass of red wine haha! 
EMILY:  I’m a pretty calm person naturally, but I guess finding that work/life balance has been a big part of it for me. Being content, happy and inspired by your work, but ensuring you make time for other things too – Brunswick beach walks with the dog after work, or a good session at the gym. My partner and I are doing renovations on our home, so at the moment our evenings are spent painting or ripping off Gyprock. The progress is slow but can be so therapeutic and satisfying and a real mix from daytime work.


Favourite thing about working for ZZ?
ERIN: Working in Byron Bay is a dream, occasionally we even head to the beach on our lunch breaks to refresh and prepare for a busy afternoon spent in the warehouse. I love our team and getting together with the women of ZZ, whether it is in our team meetings or coffee catch-ups — there's always something happening! 
EMILY:  We have a great team, and a beautiful working environment. I also love being busy and thrive off a challenge, and there is always so much going on here it keeps you on your toes. I’m also glad to be part of a brand so conscious of its impact on the planet and global community, and one that really listens to both customer and our feedback.
Favourite pieces for April?
EMILY: I’m loving April’s neutral colour palette, with khaki’s and warm whites. There are some beautifully soft knits coming, which I can’t wait to start living in. I want to wear mine with our Zed High Rise Straight Leg Jeans in Blue, a vintage tee and some leather ankle boots.
ERIN:  I’m wearing the Trail Playsuit, dropping in April. This oversized white linen playsuit is the perfect piece to just throw on. Linen is a staple in my wardrobe; it’s simple and goes with everything. I can’t wait to pair this piece with our Lush Jumper in Khaki as we move into the colder months. 


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