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Sophie, what does a normal day look like for you?
Every day is pretty different, which I love. I've always been an early riser, most days I'm awake before the sun, make a tea and sit for morning meditation. Depending on the weather and what time I start teaching, I try and squeeze in a dip in the ocean or a morning stretch, followed by breaky, coffee and a cuddle at home. I'm a big breaky girl... it's one of my favourite meals of the day. Lately i've rekindled my childhood love of crumpets. It could be a pregnancy thing but I bloody love a crumpy. I can't believe i'd forgotten about them. 
Most weekdays I teach a morning class or two and then head in to the WFG office where Pip and I work together, with the help of our two lovely interns. After work, it's normally an evening coastal walk or swim with Ry and our dog Winnie, and then dinner at home. Cooking together is one of my favourite parts of the day. 
We are big fans and happy contributors of Worn For Good. Tell us how this initiative came to life?
Yes! You guys have been an absolute dream to work with. We're so grateful for your ongoing support. We can't wait to see your eco swim collection go live in a few weeks! 
Pip and I met 5 years ago at a volunteer information session for a yoga charity I was working for and instantly became friends. She has a really loud and infectious laugh and I liker her immediately. Although we had really different career paths (before I came to teach yoga and meditation, I worked for many years in the fashion and media industry, and Pip had been working as a social worker), we had both worked in the Not For Profit sector and we were really passionate about continuing our work in that space. 
We'd have meetings at the sauna, at the beach or over a vino and talk about our experiences and the issues that affect disadvantaged communities, both locally and across the world, and the rapidly declining state of our planet. We were inspired by organisations like Oz Harvest and similar charities who so successfully utilise existing and surplus resources to give back to vulnerable communities - and we started to see a way we could address the issues of excess and waste in the fashion industry, while supporting causes we both cared about. 
After about eighteen months later, Worn for Good was born. Through WFG our aim is to support the move towards a more circular economy, transcend waste build up and encourage a positive dialogue around healthy consumption, the importance of sustainability and timeless design with purpose. 
We believe that fashion and style can co-exist with social and environmental responsibility, which is why we collect and curate new and pre-loved designer apparel from Australian designers, brands and influencers with 100% profits going towards our three charity partners. These charities work to improve the lives of vulnerable women and the health and regeneration of our planet. In short, circulation fashion for a good cause, and a better future. 
Sophie wears the Signature Skimpy Tricup Top & String Brief, as well as the Classic Cover Up Shirt in Sea Blue - coming soon.
What charities does WFG donate to and how did you select these?
We are both strong believers that empowering vulnerable women and children, alongside regenerative solutions for the earth are the two most effective investments that we can make as a community. That's why we partnered with three Australian charities that work to improve the lives of women and the health of our planet. 

Each of the three charities are all causes we felt personally connected to and wanted to do something about. We're also excited to share that we'll very soon be adding some additional charities to the mix - including at least one Indigenous Australian NFP. One of the best things about being a small start up is we're flexible in being able to move and grow where we're needed. 

We also understand that people feel passionate about supporting different causes, based on their own experiences. Which is why when you shop at WFG, the customer chooses where their money goes. This is something that's really important to us and we're happy to be growing in this way, offering the customer personal choice and working with a variety of important charities and causes. 

What do you look for from brands when you're looking to shop sustainable?

From a WFG perspective, we look to partner with brands and individuals who offer substance and style and who's values uphold ethical and environmental responsibility. We understand this isn't always as easy or as simple as it sounds and can look different for different organisations, but we're constantly inspired by new ways people and fashion labels are doing the work to become more informed, conscious and ethical. 

From the design and manufacturing process, to sustainable textiles being used, to fair employment, to packaging and marketing, to implementing up-cycling or end of life programs... there are so many ways organisations are shifting the goal posts to meet the changing requests of the customer - who is also seeking a more ethical and conscious experience. 

I'm also understanding more and more that becoming 'sustainable' (for both customers and brands) isn't an overnight process - rather is requires constant work, education, positive dialogue and small, conscious steps towards creating lasting and meaningful change.


In addition to WFG you're also a Yoga & Meditation teacher. How has adding these practices into your day changed your life?

I initially started practicing yoga and meditation in my early 20's when I was working full time in the fashion / media industry. After a few years of practice, it honestly changed my life. So much so that I ended up having a big career shift to leave my job and explore the practices full time. It's taken me to travel, study and teach in some of the most beautiful places and it's been a huge anchor when challenging times or things have come across my path. 

The biggest time I've probably realised the value of these practices was two years ago when I was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. I spent the good part of two years exploring so many different modalities of health and healing - both Eastern and Western and although i've come to experience and appreciate some amazing things, I can truly say it's been through the continued practices of yoga and meditation, along with the incredible support from family and loved ones that has been the most valuable on my journey so far. 

The practices invite you to explore what it really means to be present and ultimately free in the mind/body. Which makes you realise just how rich and wild this whole human experience is, in all its unknowns and unfoldings - every day really is a blessing and a great mystery. 

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