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 Shimma, what does a normal day look like for you?

A normal day for me usually starts with an oat milk latte and morning walk - getting that done first makes the rest of the day so much easier. Then if i'm not working i'm usually driving to set to work with a bunch of amazing creatives, shooting some dreamy brand like Zulu & Zephyr, and deciding which pieces I want to buy while on set haha. I then go home to my puppy (he's only 12 weeks) play with him and then cook a nice dinner and unwind (my go to has been sweet chilli salmon with a greek salad on the side). 

Tell us about your modelling career and how it all started? 

When I was 16 I was scouted by a Queensland based brand and ended up shooting freelance for them, I guess a few modelling agencies saw the photos because they reached out and asked me to fly to Sydney for meetings. I waited until I was 18 to sign because I wanted to be completely ready. It takes thick skin to be in this industry as you face a lot of rejection - so as soon as I felt like I could handle it I flew to Sydney, met with a few agencies and ended up signing with Kult, who are honestly like family to me now. I've been living and working in Sydney for 3 years now as a full time model and I feel so lucky to say it's been an amazing few years. 

Shimma wears the Classic Jumper, Powder Blue.

Shimma wears the Foam Shirt, Foam Pant & Endless Bralette Bikini.

Where did you grow up and what is your background ethnicity?

I was born and grew up in Queensland Australia, however my father is Caribbean and my mother is Norwegian. I'm so proud of my heritage and growing up as mixed has made it easy for me to see people as people instead of seeing colour. 

Shimma wears the Endless Jumper & Endless Short.

We love your authentic and laid back approach to social media - any tips for young girls on staying true to who they are?

When it comes to social media, I feel it was intended to be a platform in which you can express yourself how you want, when you want - but I fear it's lost that element of it for some and is probably causing them more stress than happiness and creativity. For me it's simple - I post what I want when I feel like it, I don't put pressure on myself to post because then it wouldn't be enjoyable for me and why do something you don't enjoy?

Who and what inspires you?

My parents inspire me. They've been together for 26+ years and being an interracial couple in Sydney back then wasn't always the easiest for them, but they let love conquer all and because of that they have 3 happy & healthy kids who absolutely love and adore them, and we wouldn't be here without them. 

Shimma wears the Sandy Dress (coming October) & Barrel Onepiece.

Shimma wears the Surfari Shirt & Surfari Bikini - coming September.

Favourite shoot you've ever been on?

There's been so many beautiful shoots but one that stands out to me would be Camilla and Marc - the dresses were dreamy and we were shooting at these beautiful sand dunes with parachutes and silk scarfs. It was definitely one to remember! 

Tell us a bit of what it means to be a model in 2020?

Being a model in 2020 for me means owning my diversity. With the BLM movement being so powerful this year I feel a big shift coming and its important to keep this momentum. Now more than ever we need representation from people of colour - not just now while it's all over the news and social media, but for the foreseeable future as its something we're always going to be fighting for. If I can work with brands and be that person that inspires even 1 person to believe that if I can do it they can too - I could honestly say my career was worth it. 

After a day on set, what does self care look like for you?

After a day on set the first thing I usually do is jump into a hot shower, this helps me to unwind and reset before bed. That's usually followed by a hot tea ad if i'm feeing a little extra i'll pop on a mask.  


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