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 You've landed such a sought after role, PR for REVOLVE. Tell us more about how you got there - career story?

Blood, sweat, tears and networking. I started working in fashion in 2009 for MyCatwalk whilst studying a Bachelor of Media at University. Learnt the art of wearing many hats - developed skills in Sales, E-Commerce & copywriting, Buying, PR, Influencer Relations. I've interned. I've worked in both an agency environment and in-house for brands. I headed Sales and PR for Maurie & Eve before up-rooting my life and moving to the states for the hell of it. I actually interviewed with REVOLVE upon arrival but the timing wasn't right. Raissa, my now boss, and I stayed in loose contact. I opened the LA showroom for a company called Australian Fashion Labels and built their US Public Relations department. We're talking literally ordered every rack and hanger in the showroom, cold called and emailed every relevant editor and influencer to introduce myself, a few i'd built relationships with back from working in Sydney, but for the most part the hustle was so real. Raissa and I reconnected through industry friends a few years later and we realised the time was finally right - she needed a senior PR director and I was ready for a change. I now oversee all press, celebrity talent and influencer relations for REVOLVE and our sister site, FWRD. My team kills it, couldn't do it without them. I'm very lucky. 
Travelling and hosting VIP marketing events for REVOLVE sounds more like a dream than a 9-5. Tell us about your work life OFFline. What are some of the real challenges in your day to day? 
It's a 24/7 job. You're communicating with people all day long through numerous channels - Slack, Asana, IG DM, email, G chat & text. When I finally put my phone down or close my laptop for the day i'm zonked. Half of what I do requires negotiating deals with some of the biggest influencers and celebrities in the business, Jenner-Kardashians, VS models, music industry's biggest rappers and performing talent. You deal with all different personality types and you need to adjust to manage each while still staying centred (and calm). Half of what I do is help secure partners and ambassadors to promote the business and the other half is essentially crisis management. Building strategy around positive press and laying my life on the line to avoid negative public image. It's not all bikinis and boat parties. 
Kendall wears the Hibiscus Bralette Bikini.
What do you miss most about being home in Australia? What do you love best about living in LA?
I miss moments with my friends and family. Parents birthdays, friends weddings, babies being born, Saturday morning girly coffee catch ups. However, I love the opportunity and spontaneity LA brings. I've met so many creative, supportive people and I still have so much to do and see before I settle down. LA also has a dope music scene. Huge fan. 
What's the greatest lesson you've learnt in your current role? 
You see the same people on the way up as you do on the way back down, so smile, be honest and be kind. 
Kendall wears the Float Onepiece.
Working in such a fast paced industry - what are your tips to taking time to rest? 
If you're not taking care of yourself then you're never going to be able to share your best self. You need to re-charge. I'm like a 8-9 hours of sleep per night kinda girl. I'd recommend remembering to factor in the things you love - is it pottery? Is it camping? music? travel? is it sleep? "I don't have time" is just an excuse. Make time for things you love. 
What does a normal day look like for you? 
Alarm at 6:30am, @ketofarms coffee, beach walk or workout if I can muster the strength, emails from about 8-9am, then drive to the office. Office roughly 10-6pm - usually 3/4 full of meetings or conference calls and the remainder is desk work, then home to cook with my boyfriend or postmate sugarfish if i'm lazy, maybe half a series of something on Netflix or a quick email check, and i'm passed out by 10pm latest. It's a glamourous life. 
You often get to travel with Revolve Around the World - what are your must have holiday suitcase essentials?
Ok so this is not so cute but vacuum travel bags, you can get them off amazon and they're a god send. You'll fit like 10 times more than you usually would. I clearly pack light... Holiday essentials include - OUAI wave spray, vintage cap, floppy straw hat, oversized beach shirt, Z&Z bikini, 2-3 of my fave fitting denim, Le Labo Noir perfume oil, Bobbi Brown BB cream because it's sun protectant and light coverage, Elvis et Moi layered necklaces, external charger (MUST), my Dyson hair dryer (god bless Jen Atkin), a little sundress and away we go.  
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