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Offline has been such a powerful movement - did you expect it's success to come about so quickly?
To be honest, no. I created Offline as a resource vs. media product, so I haven't had a traditional audience success metric in place. Success to me has always been reaching the right women with additive content that will empower them to explore self. I think perhaps that's why it has done "well" by traditional audience measures - because it comes from my heart. It isn't strategic. 
We've recently noticed a divide between positive & negative impacts of social media. What are your thoughts on this? How do you use it? 
Social media has been a gift in many ways. If you think about the access is has provided, as well as the democratisation of publishing and content creation; it has given a voice to the otherwise voiceless. Where it has become challenging, is the lack of transparency, as well as lack of responsibility from those publishing dishonest or low value content. We're subjected to false realities which causes comparison and anxiety. That's why I challenge women to take responsibility for what they allow into their feeds. Curate a visually, emotionally and mentally inspiring experience. 
As a voice in the media, you always seem so refined and soft - how do you maintain this approach in such a competitive industry? 
I choose not to compete, and that comes from years and years of self work. Breaking down the ego and moving towards the soul. The better I know myself, the easier it is to focus on my why and follow my pleasure. I don't look sideways or behind me, I just look forward. One step in front of the other. I'm also a Cancerian and my Sun and Moon are both in Cancer! So I am very in my feelings. I see it as a real strength, particularly my ability to feel the energy in a room or situation before I see it. 
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What's your favourite thing to do when you switch offline?
I'm a homebody so for me it is just being in my safe space with all my special things. I'll burn incense, do some tarot, play French pop (past life thing), read, write and cook. I go to ground. 
How would you best describe your personal style?
I always find this questions so hard! And to be honest, I think it has really shifted as I've transitioned from a more corporate senior role to now working on Offline. I'd like to think my style is both effortless and interesting. 
Words to live by for an aspirational, younger woman?
1. Move in the direction of your soul 
2. Where you are today is not your whole story 
3. Your passion doesn't have to make you your money 
4. Be who you want to be not how you want to be perceived 
As a Bondi beach local, what are your essentials? 
Denim shorts, organic wine, a mind-expanding book and a couple of sunsets a week. 
Have you ever been nervous or awkward to interview any guests? 
For sure! Most weeks I am nervous but it is really important I bring steady energy and make my guest feel comfortable. So it is a bit of swan action - graceful on the surface and pedalling madly underneath. I think as a journalist, any time you are complacent, it is a red flag. If I feel too confident, I'll challenge my own questions. Sometimes that means starting from scratch. 
How do you select your guests and what should be their prerequisites?
It's intuitive... a feeling. 
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Podcasts are just one of the new age career paths that have opened up - why do you think so and what do you think will be next?
Podcasting is relatively inexpensive, a lot of people believe they have a knack for chatting, and we all think we've got a good idea. The latter is probably the thing I'm challenging the most right now. We have a responsibility as creators to put interesting, intelligent and original work out there. Particularly in women's lifestyle. We don't need more Bachelor recaps or celebrity gossip. What we need is value-based, well-produced journalism that educates, challenges and inspires. If you want to be behind a microphone, think hard about what you're going to say. 
People want more REAL TALK in their lives today - why do you feel we are craving this? 
I'm calling it the algorithm rebellion. We're over being sold fake realities. It's time to #getoffline ;) 

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