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Abbey, we love your laid-back approach to motherhood - what’s your favourite thing about raising Woodi by the ocean?
 Thank you! I think seeing how much she loves playing in the ocean and being at the beach is really special. It's by far our favourite place to be and I am so glad she loves it as much as I do.
What are your mum/mini beach essentials? Must bring to the beach, non negotiable beach bag accessories?
A hat, a water bottle that keeps your water cold, beach umbrella and heaps of snacks!
How are you shopping during 2020? What are you looking for, caring about, prioritising, changing etc?
I’ve really made an effort of only buying really good quality necessities. It is so great to see there are a lot more brands using recycled fabrics and we especially love our new sustainable signature pieces from Zulu & Zephyr. In our household, I always try and source a greener option when possible, we shop at farmer's markets every weekend and since having Woods we have switched to all natural cleaning products etc. 
Favourite mini swimwear shapes and why?
I love the Mini Rib Rashie Onesie - I always opt for a rashie style swimwear for Woodi as we're exposed to the QLD sun so much and my gosh I do not want to ruin that perfect baby seal skin. 
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