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Laurel, how did your day start and end on shoot day? 
Our days began with a decision on which beaches to explore either North or South of us (as there are many hidden and less busy areas along the coast). We decided on a few of our favourite spots and took the infamous drive down PCH. The days were bright and the gaps in our conversation were almost intentionally long so to be filled with the sounds of waves. There’s always a therapeutic tiredness after spending the day in the sun followed by a solid sleep. 

How was the location for your shoot with Jessie and what was a highlight? 
Our first location was a local beach in South Laguna, while many other images were taken up and down Malibu, which is a long stretch of about 20 miles. We were lucky to find an empty beach towards sunset. An empty beach is always a highlight in and of itself.  

Favourite place to visit in Big Sur?
Pfeiffer Beach

What are you most looking forward to this Summer? 
Time with loved ones 

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