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Creating space for a deeper connection to the great outdoors and the calming, restorative effects of nature. Gazing at the clouds, grounding feet in the Earth and feeling the energy of the ocean - Fall 22 is an ode to the moments that bring us back to nature and back to ourselves. 

Currents is a collection of pieces that are designed to have a timeless quality. Made from the finest natural fabrics and crafted with a conscience, consider these exquisite pieces a sartorial breath of fresh air. 

Drawing inspiration from the hues and silhouettes of lush gardens, the ebb and flow of the ocean and the patterns in the sky, the collection is a love letter to the natural world. 

Prints are kept minimal this season with simplistic woven stripes, hand drawn flowers and a wave pattern mirroring the waters currents. 

Highlights are elongated sleeves that reach fingertips, feminine wrap styles and utility cotton denim - the perfect mix of relaxed and refined. There is a fresh take on set-dressing with unexpected layering - dresses designed to be worn over (or under) a knitted bra and brief set. 

The feeling of nature infused into the pieces - fresh air to awaken the senses and soothe the soul. A harmonious fusion of form and function is discovered through the Currents collection. 

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