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Having only been with the ZZ team since late last year, shoot days are still quite new for me, so being invited on set to assist with our Signatures campaign was very exciting. A day where I enjoyed every moment, and already can’t wait for the next. Read a diary of my day - one to remember. 

8:30am - The day begins with a late start due to forecasted rain (sleep in). Pick up location from Byron Bay, from here it was 1.5 hours south to a beautiful headland near the ocean.

10:00am - We arrive at our shoot location. It’s a small team today; the four of us full-handed start our 1.5km walk down the beach. 

10:30am - The rain hits. Luckily we brought an umbrella, we sit tight for a little while praying for sunshine and blue skies. 

11:00am - Our prayers are answered and we dive straight in. Ben takes charge as we assist with swim look changes in between shooting.

- Lunch break / quick dip for the team - the sun was well and truly beaming down by this point. Kombucha, dips, fruit and of course some natural confectionary snakes to keep us going. 

1:30pm - Down to our final 3 looks for the day - we throw in a few accessories and shoot some flat lays. 

2:00pm - That’s a wrap - Sixteen swim looks, rain, sunshine and a successful day. 

2:30pm - One last dip in the ocean before we drive back to Byron Bay for drop off. 

4:00pm - Sign off for the day! Hello weekend.